Sizes are just a suggestion, use measurements instead

It’s almost impossible to use the tagged size to find your correct fit. This is true even if you’re shopping at Macy’s; if it wasn’t they wouldn’t waste space on fitting rooms.

While this article illustrates women’s sizing through the years, the same can also be said to some degree for men.  A vintage 70s size Medium may fit like a modern Small or even XSmall.



Changing sizes can make it difficult to shop for Vintage items online.  But there is a solution, when you find that treasure be sure to compare the listed measurements to an item that fits you well in order to find your fit.  If you don’t find the measurements, always ask the seller.

Here at The Clothing Vault we want you to find your perfect fit and take the extra time to provide all measurements for each and every item we sell.  You’ll find them located in the Details section under the product photos along with the overall condition of the item.

And as always, feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.





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