Fitting Guide

Fitting and Measurement Guide

Measurement location in our listings

Our measurements can be found in the details tab (red box).

Finding your perfect fit can be challenging by just using the listed size.  That’s why we take extra time and care to provide measurements for each item we sell.

When viewing a listing, just scroll down the page as shown in the image on the left and you’ll find the information you need.

Our measurements are shown in both inches and<strong> </strong>centimeters for your convenience.

The first step to finding your best fit is to compare our measurements to a similar jacket that fits you well.  If you have one, you’ll want to measure it per our instructions below.

What you need:

  1. A similar item that fits you well for comparison
  2. A cloth measuring tape as shown in the photos below for the most accurate results.
  3. A flat surface that allows you to lay your item flat for measuring.

Follow the photo guide below for measuring instructions


A)   Chest Measurement

In our listings Chest measurement is Armpit to armpit times 2.  This is the measurement, not to be confused with chest size.

Measure from the armpit seam to armpit, then double that measurement.

*Note, we’ve recently added Armpit to Armpit in our measurements, we will add this to all of our listings soon.

Measurements jacket - Chest

B)   Shoulder to Shoulder Measurement

Measure from the shoulder seam to shoulder, then double that measurement.

In the case your item doesn’t have a shoulder measurement, see step E for collar to cuff measurement.

Measurements-jacket-Shoulder to Shoulder

C)     Waist Measurement

Measure at the waist, then double that measurement.

D)     Sleeve Length Measurement

If there is a shoulder seam, measure from the shoulder seam to the end of the sleeve cuff.

If there is no shoulder seam, measure from armpit to sleeve cuff

Sleeve Measurement

E)      Collar to Sleeve Measurement

Measure from the center back of the collar to the sleeve.

Collar to sleeve measurement

F)     Overall Length Measurement

Measure from the back bottom of collar to the bottom hem



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